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If you live in the Southern California area and are interested in having your condition treated by Dr. Ebonie and be on the hit TLC TV show “My Feet Are Killing Me.” The producers of the show Renegade 83 are looking for local residents who have common (not extreme) foot conditions that can be treated in a same day office visit. (Description of conditions we are looking for here)

NOTE: Dr. Ebonie is not involved in the screening process.  This is done by the casting team of the Producing Company. If you are in need of immediate help with your condition please reach out to our office at 949-651-1202 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ebonie.


You probably have some questions about what is involved in being on the show. Here are some common questions people have.

Do I get paid to be on the show?

Patients who are chosen by the producers of the show are not paid to be on the show. 

Do I have to have an extreme condition to be on the show?

Not at all.  The producers are actually looking for local patients in Southern California who are willing to come in for common foot issues that would only require a single office visit to deal with the issue.  Apply now if this is you.

Do I have to be a good actor to be on the show?

Not at all.  The producers are looking for real people who are willing to tell their story and just be themselves.

How long is the commitment if I am selected?

For most of the office visit patients who are treated the same day as the filming, we recommend planning on being available all day the day of filming.  We will provide any meals while you are waiting.  If your application is accepted, the casting director can go through in detail what will be required.