Organic Foot Pain Relief

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I’ve partnered with the team at Sän Te Therapeutics that has a superb line of natural creams and tinctures that alleviate issues that many of my patients struggle with. These therapeutics offer an alternative to  pharmaceutical/synthetic drug based products. Please visit their website by clicking on the link below. Use PROMO CODE: DREBONIE15 for 15% off your order.

“I’ve been using the Comfort Formula now for over six months for the neuropathy in my feet.  I can sleep through the night now without foot pain and I use it daily because of the way it has affected my quality of life”

Bill Vincent

Age 61

“This cream has been a lifesaver! I started having heel pain in my feet and tried changing my shoes, getting inserts and stretching. I needed something more. Dr. Ebonie recommended I try the Comfort Formula cream and it literally started working from the moment I applied it.  I love that it’s natural and organic and not a drug based product.”

Tami McGrew

Age 54



Get 15% Off Your Purchase with PROMO CODE: DREBONIE15